Gary Bartanus teaches students from all over the world at a leading university in Korea. Since commencing this role in 2009, he has been using technology and pedagogy to provide students with the best possible learning experiences.

With his far-sighted and collegial approach to  both edtech advocacy and digital literacy evangelizing,  Mr. Bartanus provides exemplary role-modelling and positive inspiration for both colleagues and students.

Gary’s research interests (based largely on early teaching experiences in special education) are all focused on transformative learning and enabling students to become primary influencers in social media, the economy, and constructive global initiatives.

Mr. Bartanus is particularly interested in the integration of emerging technologies with socio-constructivist principles in both public education and the private sector.


Gary holds a Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree from the University of British Columbia

MET Program ePortfolio Feedback

Congratulations you excelled! Your work is in a class of its own, outstanding! (09-01-15) Thanks for your well-designed, and systematically laid out, eP! I value your attention to detail in designing your eP. Your professional work exemplifies your approach to learning…. Overall, an exemplary eP, attesting to the competencies you have mastered, that has in turn, transformed your practice and thinking. (11-26-15)

Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Feedback on Augmented Reality Project

My congrats once again for your inquisitive, original approach to scholarship and learning more broadly. Your students are fortunate. …Your facility with digital tools is admirable, and your narrative is skillfully designed extensively-researched and very professionally communicated. You have achieved an even, high quality of delivery, including for mobile devices. Very well done.

MET Program Professor
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Feedback on Learning Theory Thought Papers

Fantastic. You did a fantastic job. I’m giving out one of my very elusive 5’s to you. I don’t give that grade out very often. Congratulations!… (from 1:49 sec. audio)

Associate Professor
MET Program, University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Academic Partnership

I worked with Gary on several graduate projects at UBC, and found him to be a thoughtful practitioner who communicated his insights articulately. An excellent collaborator, he was a sought-out member of group projects, and was an industrious, generous, and prolific contributor who offered and received constructive comments.

Ottawa, ON

1000+ Key Contacts in an Active & Growing PLN

Connecting on LinkedIn

Interacting with Experts on Twitter

8 Years Working and Studying in Higher Education

Assistant Professor
Use Blended Learning for all classes
Seoul, South Korea
March 2010 to present

UBC Graduate Student
Earned Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree
Vancouver, BC, Canada
2013 to 2015

Foreign Language Lecturer
Taught basic EFL to university students
Jinju, South Korea
2009 to 2010

Degrees and Certificates

Master of Educational Technology

University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC,

Canada Interest areas include instructional design models and principles for e-learning 2.0, mobile learning (m-learning), and blended (hybrid) learning environments.

Bachelor of Education (Hons.)

Union College
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA

All courses were taken at Burman University, a satellite campus located in Alberta, Canada. The major was Secondary Education with a Specialization in English.

Cambridge CELTA

University of Cambridge
Cambridge, England

The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) is recognized around the world by international English Language Teaching organizations.