Truly Transformational

After reflecting on my experience in Dr. Natasha Boskic’s ETEC 565A course, I decided that, for me, this post must be more than mere text. Because of Dr. Boskic’s very personable and positive approach to building learning communities, embracing diversity, and responsively facilitating appropriate outcomes, I wanted to take a similar approach to sharing my impressions of her excellence as an educator, role model, mentor, and thought leader. So the video will speak for itself and hopefully convey those impressions in much the same way that Dr. Boskic communicates – in the most personal, eloquent, and compelling ways possible in an online environment.

One key point that the video inadvertently (and breathtakingly) omits is the fact that my understanding and appreciation of digital storytelling with new media were profoundly heightened by Dr. Boskic’s consistently insightful and inspiring feedback in the digital storytelling module and throughout the entire course. This, along with the many other exemplary qualities cited in the video, would be a tremendous asset to UBC’s renowned Faculty of Education and the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program.

Gary Bartanus